Elanka Shop Grocery packs donated by You!

Thanks for visiting this page which provides several images of people like you who have donated gift packs to the poor via eLanka Shop.

eLanka shop donation program - donating to the Poor in Sri Lanka

Malcolm & Audrey de Kauwe, Jerome Caspersz, William Maher, and Anonymous doner to eLanka Shop

Eggs donated kindly - by Desmond Kelly of eLanka

Dear Mr. Neil Jayasekera,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the entire community at The School for the Blind, Ratmalana for taking the time and effort to connect wonderful individuals such as Mr. Desmond Kelly, Malcolm and Audrey de Kauwe, Jerome Casperz and William Maher, whose generosity has provided wonderful provisions.

It is thanks to individuals such as yourself that the school is able to sustain itself and continue its work towards the blind community in Sri Lanka, and we are ever so grateful to you for taking the interest and supporting our work.

We hope that the Elanka Shop would be able to continue in its efforts in directing other interested parties towards the welfare of our community.

Please note that attached herewith is a pdf document containing both acknowledgement letters for the donations made.

Thank You!

Sanchitha Wickremesooriya
The Acting Principal
The School for the Blind, Ratmalana

Elanka shop donation programme

Donate to a Poor Family in SriLanka with Groceries

We have included several photos of the “Go Fund Me” food project sponsored by eLanka, thanks to your donations! The recipients are very poor, in need of food and other basic facilities in life! The brightness seen in their faces as they receive these is truly rewarding. All this is the result of your generous contributions and the trust you have in us, in supporting the unfortunate in the darkest days of their lives in Sri Lanka. Thank you for your kind generosity!

We shall continue in doing this food delivery system with your generous donations given to the “Go Fund Me” sponsored by Elanka Thank you.

GoFundMe Link : https://www.gofundme.com/f/a-poor-family-in-sri-lanka-with-groceries

Anonymouse doner to eLanka shop

Anonymouse doner to eLanka shop

Donation of Family Plus Pack by Trevine - Australia

elankashop donation
elankashop donation

Donation of Family Plus Pack by Norm - Australia

elankashop donation
elankashop donation
elankashop donation

Donated by a kind hearted well wisher of eLanka - Australia

Donation of Family Plus Pack by Lucille - Australia

Donation of King Pack by Clare - Australia

Thank you for your e-mail and accompanying photos.
I also received a lovely Thank You letter from Sister Imalka Fonseka (St Joseph’s Child Development Centre)..I am so pleased some of our young ones have benefited from my donation, however small.   Thank you for facilitating this delivery so promptly.
Kind regards. 
God bless you.
Clare Thambyah

FOOD PACKS TO THE VETERANS HOME KATANA – Donated by Desmond Kelly (eLanka)

Dear Neil and Des, do accept our sincere gratitude for your generosity, Des I believe this is your contribution to the Veterans Home channeled through the eLanka shop at Biyagama with the dedication and commitment of Neil and Rasangani who are distributing food packages to the needy.  Neither should we forget Lt. Chris Lawton as always had a major role in this manoeuvre.

Col Ajit Sir, the packages were received in the evening coming from the eLanka shop at Biyagama, thanks to Rasangani for her coordination. They could be picked for transfer to the Veterans Home any time convenient to you. Appreciate if a couple of photos are forwarded in handing over to the Veterans Home.

Once again thank you everyone, blessings would be coming your way from the recipients and from us too who participated in the exercise

With Warmest regards to all


elankashop donation

eLanka donates another Grocery pack to a poor family - Handed over on behalf of eLanka by Anusha Bastian

eLanka donates another Grocery pack to a poor family - Handed over on behalf of eLanka by Anusha Bastian

Donation of Family Plus Pack by Chari - Australia