Wait for Me – Gehan Gunasekera (composed by Des Kelly)


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Wait for Me – Gehan Gunasekera (composed by Des Kelly)


A very special “message” to all my family, friends & fans out in our eLanka World. The above song was composed by me & dedicated to all young lovers everywhere. This “cover”

is done by a good friend, Gehan Gunasekera, himself, a Musician of high repute in Australia, who has already released several “covers” that keep being enjoyed by Music-lovers everywhere, on You-tube. I do know, for a fact, that Gehan takes on a tremendous amount of trouble, with the procedure of “covering” the songs that he does so very well, and, as such, I would like to say a big  “thank you” to him, for what he has done with ballad of mine.

I would also like to thank Darrell DeSilva, a very famous lead-guitarist of Ceylon (in the good old days), & carried on, as all good Sri Lankan “Musos” do, no matter where they go.

Darrell was also a big part of the “backing” on my song, and, in so doing, made a good song sound even better.

As I have always said, there are Singers and Songwriters, but, without the superb backing of our bands, groups, and Instrumentalists, we would be completely “lost”, so, thank you Darrell, for your  “fretboard-fantasies”.

Because of my present medical condition, I cannot go out and “record” my songs as I would like to do, so, this song was originally recorded by me, at home, as I normally do, these days, but, when any song of mine is “covered” as this one has been, all I can say us that I am sincerely grateful to all concerned.

To complete this special message to all you good people out there, I would like to say a big “thank you” to my good friend Neil Jayasekera, the owner of our special website eLanka, for all his help in promoting my songs, many more of which will be forthcoming, God willing, of course.

All of my songs & recordings are now available, as CDs or itunes via the “elanka shop“. Future ” Covers” are also expected via Gehan Gunasekera, plus other DVDs etc., are also available, total finances of which are directed, as in the past, to several needy orphans in Sri Lanka.

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